About Us

Chichen Itza Restaurant is a family owned and operated a business inside the Mercado la Paloma in south Los Angeles. We specialize in Yucatecan Food, maintaining the authentic flavor of this original Southeast Mexican Cuisine.We are very proud of the awards and write-ups we've received in our 18 years in business. Here are a few of them: Link to Awards and write-ups. Our food is unique and delicious, a change from the ordinary that you will most certainly enjoy.

Our Vision

The Yucatan peninsula of Mexico has one of this country's richest culinary heritages, its a mixture of Mayan, Spanish & Lebanese recipes. Chef and owner Gilberto Cetina uses these recipes and then adds a touch of his own to give our customers an experience they won't find anywhere else.

Cetina has been recognized as one of the top Latino chefs in the country and has been written up in publications like GQ Magazine, Hispanic Magazine, Culinary R&B, LA Weekly and the Los Angeles Times, just to name a few.